Just a tip for today my lovelies. Whatever gets you down, whatever ails you, whatever problems you face today. Hold your head high and smile and say ” I will not accept defeat. I’m strong. I will get through today. I will make someone smile. I can conquer the world”. Stay smiling and stay shining my lovelies.

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Learn with me

“If you don’t set a date, a goal will only be a dream”

So it’s been some time since I’ve posted anything, but I’m planning to become more consistent. I would like to begin doing a “learn with me” segment. If you’re like me, sometimes watching how to videos just doesn’t cut it with certain things such as, weight loss, learning to be a professional artíst or learning how to play an instrument. You may feel alone, or that you just can’t do it. Well I want to be the solution to that problem for you. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn, let’s do it together! You’ll watch me fail until I succeed, you’ll see me embarrass myself until I get it. I don’t mind. We all need that buddy that’ll help us become great, so my lovelies, let’s become great together!

What kinds of things do you want to learn? Comment and I’ll go through with you, to the best of my ability, step by step how to achieve your goal. Stay smiling my lovelies.

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“If you don’t set your date, your idea will only be your dream”

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In Gear

So soon here,I am finally going to purchase a passport. There’s so many places I want to go to, but I have no idea where to start. Any thoughts? My top choices are 

  • Italy
  • France
  • Brazil
  • Ecuador
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Kenya
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Canada

And those are just a few. If you have anything great to say about any of them. Great starter options, places to eat, ways to get an authentic living experience, let me know. Thanks! Stay shining lovelies.

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So. It’s been a little while since I’ve posted but I wanted to give you guys an update on my hairfinity hair journey. I wanted to wait a little bit to get the product in my system so that I could give you an accurate review. I must say, MY GOODNESS I’m loving it so far! Now I am the type of person with a fairly  temperamental system so the whole breakouts thing I knew was going to be the factor on whether or not I continued and, honestly, it hasn’t been a huge deal for me. I’ve kept up with my face cleansing so that’s helped immensely. My roots feel very strong and I have noticed my hair growing. I’m incredibly excited because I have the hair that grows to a certain point then stops, so seeing my hair grow longer, faster is making Jazzy happy 😊. To whoever tries the product I will say, make sure you don’t take them too close together or you’ll feel a bit sick. I made that mistake yesterday I had to work early so I popped the supplement at 6:00 when I just took one at 8 or 9 the night before.

  • Allow your system at least 12 hours before taking the next pill each time. 
  • Stay hydrated as with anything
  • Keep your face clean
  • Be patient 

I’m loving this product so far and I’ll be sure to do some before and after shots. Well that’s all for now. Stay shining lovelies 😊

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Hair update

So it’s been a good week now and I’ve started taking two hairfinity supplements now and I have to say, I’m feeling really good about this. Starting off with just one seems to have helped keep my body from getting in a frenzy from introducing such high concentrated levels of biotin and other vitamins inside of hairfinity. I had a woman I know tell me today that my hair is indeed growing, and she knows nothing about my new regimen so it’s definitely working like it’s supposed to. Thank you hairfinity and healthy living! 

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Hairfinity Update

So I’m just a few days in, but i can certainly feel the tingling they all talked about. I know that my skin is sensitive so I’m slowly acclamating my body to the product. You are supposed to take one in the daytime and one at night but I’m doing just one a day, eventually two. So far I am seeing gradual changes, but it’s too soon to tell if it’s really doing what the bottle says it’ll do. I’m excited to be on my hair journey though and i know Mirage is too ( my hair) 

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Do a lot of you travel with the view to moving? I feel like that’s one main reason why I want to travel so much. I’d like to eventually move and I feel like traveling gives me a good idea of the different areas. The places I have my sights set on are North and South Carolina and Florida. I want to learn all there is to learn about them. I don’t want to know what tourists know, I want to be there as if I were living there. Maybe you’ve had the same feelings as me. Sooo what I’m going to do is gather up some info and make a list of things you’d want to know if you’re traveling with the view to moving. Stay tuned 

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To curly or not to curly

Ok so I’ve been seeing sooooo many posts about people who have transitioned from relaxed hair to natural. Now I find that there is beauty in both and in all honesty if taken care of you can grow both. There are a lot of things people say about relaxed hair that isn’t true and a lot they say about natural hair that isn’t true. My case and point, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So my new hair journey is at a cross road. I am trying to decide whether to go curly or stay straight. Either way it will be an adventure and I love adventure. Let me know your opinions. What do you think about natural vs. Relaxed? What do you enjoy seeing more? 

I believe all hair types are beautiful so for me, I guess it comes down to time. What do I have time for? What do you guys think? To Curly? Or not to Curly?  Let me know. 

Stay shining lovelies 

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In The Eyes Of The Beholder

Creative photography… Those two words mean a lot to me. What do they mean to you? 

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